i'm gonna get better i am i am i am!

i like the idea of deism

over the summer i had to take this math class because of the *weirdness* of the scheduling at my old school. anyways i sat behind this very nice little asian man named sinclair and in front of a guy whose ego you could see a mile away.

every morning sinclair would be wearing a nice polo shirt and he would say hi to me, the class was early in the morning around 7 and he must be a real morning person, everybody else was yawning incessantly and had bags under their eyes myself included, but maybe it was because of the coffee. every morning he had a mcdonald's iced coffee with him and every day he would sit in his spot wearing his nice polo shirt and khakis.

umm the point of this is i really like consistency! i know i've already said that. but it's so true i figured i'd reiterate it?

i'm not saying i want things to be the same all the time but it's just comforting when i know what to expect.

and this is why i have a reallllly really hard time being around certain people. one day you act like we're best friends, the next you couldn't care less. all of the people who i don't get along with have this in common, and some of the people who i'd normally consider "close friends" are the same way, if i really think about it!

maybe i shouldn't spend so much time thinking because it usually ends up ruining things for me hmmmmm

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