remember the day when we started this
and you made the shape of my heart with your hands
tell me that you love me and it'll be alright
are you thinking of me, just come with me tonight
you know i need you just like you need me
can't stop, won't stop, i must be dreaming

it pretty much makes me sick how much i love this band

so hi i didn't really get to sleep last night because i'm sick and i woke up and started ~coughing my lungs out~ and it was not pleasant and now my chest and my throat hurt pretty bad

but i'm happy regardless

oh you know what sucks is when you realize that somebody went out of their way (i.e taking the longgg way to class and being late) just to avoid you lol
especially when you didn't do anything to them really? and if you did you went out of your way to apologize

i don't know i think i'm a little bit more likeable than that? i like to think so anyways

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