when you find a song that you can turn up and it actually enters you, well do you know what that feels like? it doesn't happen to me often but when it does it's usually kind of a surprising song. i mean it's a song i wouldn't expect to make me feel this way.

and i can't really control my words and i hate it when i let myself do this. my thoughts and my words and my feelings, i should be able to control them.
but it always comes back to control and i have dreams where i'm in a car and it's just driving in circles and i can't stop it. the brakes don't work and i can't steer.
i think those dreams are about control or lack thereof and i have them a lot but it's been less lately


my dad wanted me to take this personality test online the other day and he wanted to see my results. the test asked a question and you had to answer with a picture, well i don't know how to explain it so here. anyways i took it and it wouldn't show me my results. i'm kind of grateful to be honest because i'm not sure if i want my dad knowing the ins and outs of my personality all that well lol but at the same time i want to know what it could have possibly had to say!

today i did a couple of things i said i'd never do


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