"shut up dr. phil"
"that's not dr. phil that's barrack obama"
"oh..... same thing"
yeah my dad's pretty *** in touch *** with society and all!
sarah palin is on tv now and her hair is waaaaaaayyyyyyy too teased it looks silly, the beehive look died out a long time ago

so um i'm really shaky and my stomach hurts pretty bad, i was hallucinating on the way home from the barn LOL i'm having a good day yeah yeah yeah okay yeah i just had an apple and it's making my stomach feel worse ugh!

i've noticed recently that i really like adults more than i like kids my own age. adults have so much more to say and are so much better at saying it because they're not so worried about being judged. i think it's really cool honestly

my mom is going to make me go back to the same therapist as i was going to before SIGH i'm not happy with that but it'll be alright i'll try to be more open maybe it will help...

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