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247 ye

the past few months in pictures (not mine, click on the photo and you will be taken to the artist's work, because i am not a picto-thief):

(in the sense of, fuck what the world says, i don't need you to tell me it's okay to listen to bizarro music/do bizarro things/be a bizarro person. not in the sense of fuck the world i'm done i'm killing myself blablah although i do have things to say about that as well.)

i think i've sort of lost my touch with this blogging thing, but it's alright because i'm just a little sailboat alalalaalaaaa,


phew have things CHANGED. i mean, i'm still the same weird too-tall gawky person with a million things to say and no way to say them, but things have changed.
i got my first story published (woo) in a writing competition for my college. i won 1st place in the short story competition even though IMO my story was a piece of shyt to say the least. whatevers. so that got entered in district blablah i'm really not expecting much from that. and i'm not saying that in the way where people say "oh i'm not expecting anything" but secretly are. i really think the story has gone as far as it will go and that is okay because i can write so much better than that junk piece.
i quit my shitty job at the toy store and now i work at (deep breath in) victoria's secret. and i love it. my boss is wonderful and so are my coworkers. also it is only 5 mins (literally) from my house so i can put off getting ready til the last minute and still be there *EARLY.*
got my nose pierced ~…