reason number 2390898 why i'm glad i switched schools:
my mom now teaches at my old school

this doesn't mean that i don't like my mother or am embarrassed of her because it's not that but at a school with less than 300 students it would be kind of awkward and yes i do care about those things okay
but hey some days after i'm done with my classes i'll probably go back there and help her out with her classes and stuff just to see the people i left beeeeehiiiiiinddd

i kind of realize that i don't write very well in this thing, but that's okay because most of the time i'm so concerned about how well i write and it's so nice to just not care....

okay so i kinda lied before when i said i would only update with interesting things but i get addicted to these. i think i have an addictive personality WHICH REMINDS ME i am out of 5 gum sob cry

today i hung out with somebody who i haven't seen in forever, we've been friends for 6 (??) years and it's honestly nice to just be able to relax and not worry about putting on a facade which believe me i do most of the time........

tomorrow i'm going to check out the forensics club at school yay nerd but i'm sorry i love checking out dead people NOT LIKE THAT lol get your mind out of the gutter

okay bye

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