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142 i will burn through it all unharmed for you

the bad news is that nobody cares,
the good news is that nobody cares.

hey i'm realizing everything is just a matter of perspective

freedom fills your lungs and the air has never tasted so sweet, a new kind of cold but this kind you like
maybe i could get used to this

i know things will get hard again but that doesn't scare me anymore.

141 you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place

i love guys. i don't even mean in a sexual way right now. i just love them they are so much easier to understand and talk to and generally be around. they make more sense to me in every way

i went to watch a basketball game at a high school earlier and i was in awe the whole time. just the pure physicality of it i guess, the running pounding footsteps and shoes squeaking and the ball bouncing off the floor, so much communication with so few words. if you couldn't tell already i'm a sucker for that, physical communication, i mean. everything you need to say, in glances or movements or touches. words just cannot compare

whenever i go to a high school i'm filled with the kind of nostalgia that doesn't go away, it clings to my insides and my mind and it just stays..... the only regrets i really have are taking things for granted
well that's a lie i regret more than that

made me smile i hope you like it too

i think normalcy is highly underrated and i am starting to accep…

140 take apart your head, take apart the demons

i'm so i'm so i'm so i'm so

lonely right now and it's so hard not to revert back to the dangerous friend that holds a place so deep and dear in my heart god i fucking miss it

139 birds singing a song, old paint is peeling

never sell yourself short

the wars i waged on myself are finally over. the dust has settled and peace is being made.

thank you

138 i never would have gotten here if i followed my heart

last night i dreamed about the good of humanity

needless to say waking up was a rude awakening i'm writing a story.

137 between road signs and street lights

when i shut my eyes to the world outsideit's just another thought of you and i
why can a song make my heart ache so intensely but sometimes i have to wonder, would i cry if my brother died

restless i can't even sleep anymore because when i lay down it just feels so familiar. how can i fall asleep there one more lousy time

heavy limbs, heavy head, heavy thoughts i'm still mourning the loss of my visible ribs and those sharp-as-knives hipbones, something about the frailty of bones just gets to me, the light casting shadows like there is charcoal smeared on my body
someone just tell me to stop trying so hard
HINT the excessive lack of punctuation is here to reflect my apathetic mood somehow a post littered with !!!!!!!s and ?????s would just not feel right to me at the moment
i'll be better in the morning. it's hard to explain but through all of this i still know i'm happy
despite sometimes feeling disconnected and cold,
motivation (see above ♥x12092039) and inspiration are …

136 rather give the world away than wake up lonely

the air smelled like warm maple syrup and teen lust. i would have sworn i never needed to feel or see the sun again because your skin was so soft and warm against mine and the light in your eyes was bright enough. your fingers must have been full of electricity that night because your touch went right through me, all the way to my heart, and the beats skipped and slowed and quickened and fluttered.

long, slow blinks. you whispered something but my ears were full of my heart's irregular beating and anyway the words didn't matter because you always said it better with your eyes and smile. your fingers laced through mine, you lifted your hand and put it on your chest. your heartbeat thundered through the back of my hand, skipping beats and slowing down and speeding up again. maybe it was wishful thinking and maybe it was just the busy rush in my head but i could have sworn that our heartbeats were together, as erratic as they were. imperfect but in sync, just like us.

and that was …

135 it's just another thought of you and i

here i am again, sleepless. is it night or is it morning? their fingers are intertwined again and i can never tell them apart when time becomes just another thing to keep my mind off of you.

so here i am again, craving and creating my very own heartache, but don't worry about me. i'll always think of you and i'll always wonder but i can never know. i guess some things you just have to accept

134 you know who i am, you know i can't let you slip through my hands

i'm wearing your old football shirt again and a pair of yellow lacrosse shorts. i really should stop wearing the shirt because it still smells like you and i'm breathing you in again, i never want to stop. i'm thinking of your eyes, pools of chocolate and caramel that used to whisper more than either of us ever could put into words. that's why i believed everything you said; i learned that lips can lie but your eyes were so honest, i don't think i ever doubted a word you never said. i still get that fluttery allover feeling in my heart and my everything whenever you cross my mind, but then it melts into this dull empty aching because i know i'll never meet another you.

and i know you're gone

133 when life has locked me out, i turn to you

so open the door

are my pores big enough for you.....

i am fire and ice. so warm and glowing and passionate, i can do anything, i can be anyone. everything beautiful is just within my grasp and the sunrise mirrors my heart. but then i am numb from cold and i'll swear there is no reason for anything. i used to love this side of myself. i wanted to be a cold, cynical, emotionless statue of ice.

now i'm praying that my fire will melt the ice away, if not completely, at least enough that the ratio of days i want to live vs. days i want to die is better than 1:2 i'm starting to believe i'm a good person. mirasol saved my life ♥

132 this could be the very minute i'm aware i'm alive

my day was fucking awesome. i'm not texting you back because whenever i talk to you i feel guilty and sad for pretending i care. tonight i'm not going to do anything to ruin it.
mmmy therapist from mirasol (who is by far the coolest person i have ever met) came up from tucson to spend the day with me and ultratherapize me and take me shopping to get over my fear and loathing of full length mirrors and dressing rooms and clothes that are far out of my comfort zone. wow run on sentence aaaaaanyway. i ate chinese food and gelato and cake and pasta and a pizookie. I'M OKAY WITH IT I'M OKAY WITH IT I'M GOING TO SAY I'M OKAY WITH IT UNTIL I REALLY AM.

i'm okay with it i'm okay with me.


i'm so excited i'll tell you why later!

130 i've grown accustomed to the grays and blacks because they're always coming back

i wish a camera could capture sound.
yesterday i cried a lot in the morning because i made some mistakes again. i almost didn't go to one of my best friend's 18th birthday dinner because it was at a pizza place and i was so scared. i ended up going and it was worth it. we saw adventureland and i talked for hours with two best friends in the parking lot about what i'm afraid of and what i love, about everything. driving home around midnight listening to songs drenched in nostalgia, the rain speckling my windshield and reflecting the red brake lights and white headlights, i realized i was okay.
i wish a camera could capture the way i feel.

someday i hope to affect somebody the way other people affect me. i want somebody to remember me as more than just a face or a few words. i want there to be a feeling attached to my memory, one as unshakeable as the one you left me with.


i am literally so pissed off that i can feel my blood boiling the redness is burning me from the inside out

i'm not eating anymore fuck this i need to move out before i hurt somebody (myself)

12* didn't i tell you that someday you'll be okay

(i can't look at the number one-hundred and twenty-eight in numeric form, it makes me feel sick to my stomach, always has)

doubled up on sleep meds tonight, here's to hoping that has some effect besides the usual incessant yawning and extreme restlessness.
idk what it is but for some reason no matter HOW tired i am, as soon as i lay in my bed i get so fidgety and can't sleep. it's only in my bed though, i never slept so well in my life as i did at mirasol

uummmm i'm pretty sure miranda kerr has a perfect body

crying crying crying cryingsafdasdkslja
okay the yawning is starting now but that's all... i'm counting on the soulful melodies of my favorite perishers songs to help me out here. it's weird though, a part of me misses when i used to stay up all night being destructive then going to bed at 7am and sleeping through the day

nothing clever or funny to say tonight my brain's just all fuzzy sorry to disappoint. love you

127 i'm in enough trouble man, oh man i'm in trouble again

yyyyyyep so i regret a lot of today. i feel obligated to let everyone know that my process tends to be two steps forward one step back... today was my step back

nothing FABULOUSLY horrid happened i just spent most of the day bored out of my mind, and this generally leaves me feeling depressed/hopeless. i'm so much happier when i'm busy.
to quote a song that pretty well defines me:

i'm a headcase if i don't keep moving,
but my head hurts if i don't sit still

oh also i had ice cream. i am still not able to do this without being drowned in waves of self-disgust and shame and the overwhelming desire to make up for it by either not eating for a week or purging. it is a problem, and i can't decide whether i love it or hate it. pain is a very love/hate thing for me

i'm nervous because tomorrow i'm going to be busy pretty much from the moment i wake up. this knowledge puts my mind in overdrive and i will not be able to sleep tonight, for the third or fourth night in …


today is going

i might have more to say later

125 hold your breath, little lungs


is my favorite word

a day spent with a best friend, laughs and smiles and secretive glances at cute strangers, that chlorine smell and new tan lines and messy wet hair and squinty eyes. later, hoofbeats at night, that thunder rumbling through the earth, a muzzle brushing my hand as my horse takes an apple. now a warm cup of chai tea with milk and honey, chords from acoustic songs reminding me of everything i would have missed out on if i had given in. a reason to wake up in the morning, knowing there is always something so beautiful just around the corner.

the rest of my life is ahead of me, not looming or threatening, just promising.

simply stated... i am happy right now. and for the first time in a long time, i'm not afraid of these feelings.


i'm terrible at keeping secrets, but only my own. that's one of my problems. i feel like i've never really had anything to keep to myself and i've been trying to create it, that "deep dark secret" that everyone always asks about, for so long. the problem with this is that i end up doing extremely self-destructive things in an attempt to bring that dark hole into my life.
in the past even my eating disorder wasn't really all that "secret." my parents knew what was happening pretty much the entire time (though probably not to what extent). i rarely, if ever, lied to them about what i had (not) eaten that day. if they asked, i would tell them that, no, i hadn't eaten all day, and no, i did not plan on eating any time soon. i couldn't lie to them.

this is so dangerous for me, i know it is, but i need my OWN secret. i need it, and i think i finally might have found it... but now that i've gotten a taste of happiness, is this what i really w…

123 (456789...)

you wake up one morning and you're different. you look in the mirror and you feel like you should reach out to shake hands with this new stranger you've just met, this stranger you know everything and nothing about. instead of finding dark undereye circles and uneven skin and ugliness, you find beauty, a shining purity that you could swear never existed before.
you reread the list you wrote a long time ago, that list of things you want to do before you die, and instead of feeling overwhelmed with this impossible challenge, you feel inspired. you are, like all those teachers and parents have told you since the beginning of time, capable of anything you set your mind to. you appreciate the good things in your life and accept the bad.
you laugh without worrying about how you sound. you finally accept that not everybody in the world will like you, but one person who does love you is so much more important than a million who don't.

but all of your feelings are butterflies, irresis…

122 and i can't sleep, or at least i'm still awake

i can't sleep. i have a busy day coming up and i'm stressed. the only ways i know how to deal with stress are self-destructive

i feel disgusting right now i JUST want my sleep meds to work tonight, sleep is one of favorite forms of relief