155 i want to know what you think

about anything, about everything
and hey i promise you don't have to worry about me judging you have you seen some of the crazy shit i've written in here, i have no room to judge

honestly i'm scared to enable comments because i'm afraid nobody will leave any but i just really want to hear what other people have to say


Morgan said…
i think you're an amazing person. everything you've been through leading up to this point has made you a better and stronger person. no one can take any of your experiences or feelings from you, you need to use all of it to your advantage and respect it. you can do anything you want to, i full-heartedly believe that; you're strong enough to accomplish whatever you set your heart on. take a deep breath. breathe out everything that's bothering or harmful to you. let it all go. the world awaits you.

you're a beautiful and unique flower. don't forget it. (:
Anonymous said…
i think i am not saddened by genocide or africans with swollen bellies standing on the graves of their brothers or soldiers fighting and dying in iraq or any of the usual things. i am saddened by lovely lovely girls who tell everyone they "love their curves" and are a "real woman" but are usually found standing at magazine stands staring with glazed eyes at lithe, yellowed, sickly figures, pinching the fat on their hips and wondering why they can't change if they want to. i am saddened that no one seems to like themselves. i am saddened that girls always want to be thinner and blonder and boys always want to be stronger and tougher, and i am saddened that comparisons and never being good enough has just become part of the daily grind. i am saddened that this is going on in every head and behind every facade and underneath every dress and that low self-esteem and self-worth is not recognized as a dangerous issue until you have to be hospitalized for it. these things drive me crazy more than anything else. i would fight twelve world wars just to meet someone who is happy with themselves
s said…
i love the comment above me, it set an intimidating precedent though.

chelsea i am dazzled by you, by your beauty, and mostly by your mind, the way you craft your words; your brilliance shines so bright and true and i don't believe you will ever lose that. you write sensitively about something i know well, and maybe you think you come off crazy or insecure, but all i see is strength and it is an inspiration every single day.

it's funny to think, in the blink of an eye we'll be forty five, and never quite so lovely as we are now. i worry sometimes that i'm distant from my own life, caught up in constant thought, that i do not see myself as i am, i do not appreciate my own beauty and god only knows i'll never have anyone else's. this is the time we are most luminescent, most impressive, most effortlessly alive, and i don't want to miss my moment. don't miss yours--
c said…
morgan lee. i never want to lose you as a friend. ever. we are going to grow old together. old and crusty and full of life. <3 don't forget to take your own advice, though. i worry when you feel less than adequate or like you are a bad person because i know you aren't.

anonymous, it saddens me too. and it amazes me the things we're willing to put ourselves through to achieve this perfection that isn't really perfection. i have met a few people who i would consider absolutely happy with themselves, and someday you will too. in the meantime try to become the person you want to meet.

aww s, since the moment i first read your words however many months ago, i was captivated and inspired and envious and thrilled all at the same time.
your comment really gets to me in a way not a lot of things can. partly because i can relate so much to letting life pass you by while you're lost in thought and partly because your words are always so damn impossibly beautiful. you're miles past incredible.
Anonymous said…
you are loved you are lovely
Well, I already told you most of it

you're one of the most interesting people I have ever met and you're a genuine good, unique person

idk what else to tell you
Anonymous said…
chelsea you are lucky to have so many people who love you

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