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245 i know that i can stand, my head high, forget not where i fall

still i find why and reason

now that i am in my last year of teendom i've decided to change some things. like doing the Right Thing. i am going to stay on top of my laundry. i won't turn my headphones up too loud. i won't feel angsty listening to all that remains because it takes me back to your car with your golf balls and guitar picks and clif bar wrappers, because you're not the one i should be thinking of. i will go to work early and make small talk with my boss and not clock in early/clock out late to make a few extra bucks. i already broke one of these and it's been less than two minutes, this song ruins me!
i changed my google background to remind me to be more optimistic and not such a debbie downer

it's break time, i'm so out of words it's awful you guys. i'm coughing up my lungs trying to get a good word in (or out) and it's not working anymore, i'm losing my voice because i'm not speaking for myself anymore. i have so much to wor…


i'm 19 now woooo woo yeah woo yeah yeah wooooo who cares woooooo yeah! 2 years until full legality not that i'm going to do anything about it wooo yeah wooo celebrate good times come on yeah wooo! real update later maybe
oh PS it's ony 10:49pm on june 30th (the date down there VVV is a lie) so technically i am still the birthday princess for one hour and eleven minutes.