there's something i really love about wanting somebody but knowing i can't have them.
it's comforting and i don't know why but then at the same time it kind of uuuh sucks obviously!

i made a promise to myself today that i would try and limit my negative thoughts, and the ones that i allow myself to have, i'm going to have to think of something positive to make up for them
they say that perception is reality sooooo00 we'll see!

it's getting kind of awkward having my uncle around the house and i guess he's going to be here for another week uuuuugh it's weird because he totally like **barged in** and we had no idea and so now our plans are all asdjkajdjskhfudashasdasjjjjjfucked

but he's family even though we hadn't seen/heard from him in 6ish years so oh well

i'm verrrrrrry cold right now somebody text me

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