to ~whom it may concern~:
lol! i read your whoooole blog and now i totally see where you were coming from but i want you to know i honestly had no clue. but you're a veryyy great writer you intrigue me a lot!!

so i just got back from the barn anddd i am very sore. but while i was out there i was thinking about why i feel so uncomfortable talking about myself to certain people and i think it's because i'm worried about being judged blah blah blah typical teenage angst and i'm way too worried about what people are thinking. but you know what it's really none of my business what you think of me!

anyways that got me thinking about therapy and ok yeah i've been to a therapist please don't be surprised but whenever i talked to her, her responses made me feel like i was wrong or stupid or something because if i expressed my feelings on a *certain subject* (which i am not ready to share with anybody ATM) she would be like

"now does that make SENSE?"

and my obvious answer was no because if my feelings made sense i wouldn't have been in therapy IN THE FIRST PLACE...

anyways so i stopped going because i always felt worse when i came out than when i went in. and honestly i know that's not what she was trying to do or anything it's more just how i am? i tend to misinterpret people's words/actions etc

there are a couple people i think i could explain myself to but i just have a hard time bringing these things up in the middle of a casual conversation you know? it can be awkward

okay lol if my ~ex~ therapist had read any of this she would probably be like
"now do those thoughts make SENSE"


ps that was 3 times i wrote in here today i'm sorry
i wonder if people read this lol?

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