ok i have something to say!

i'm not very fond of people who try really hard to make it look like they have a social life. like, either you do or you don't and you don't need to wave it in everyone's face when you have like LOL ONE LATE-NIGHT OUTING

anyways i'm sorry for that because that goes to a "close friend" of mine but i doubt she reads this so it's ok

earlier i had nothing to do and my mom said "if you're bored you could vacuum the house" and lol i was so bored i did it....... sundays are the worst

then i went and watched the hills ok yes i watch that show sometimes, you wouldn't think watching a bunch of people do ~*NOTHING*~ would be so entertaining but i'm easily amused?

and britney spears is opening for the VMAs in a couple hours, which i don't entirely understand but good for you girlfriend it's not easy to revive a reputation as DEAD as that one....

i'm going to make tuna wraps for the fam bye

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