i don't like being alone, it gives me too much time to dwell dwell dwell dwell on insignificant things. i end up manifesting problems because of too much time inside my own head!

i really like my hands today i know that sounds weird but i have this fixation with hands. not a fetish ok don't confuse the two! but seriously one of the first things i notice about a person is their hands. you can show me any set of hands (that i've seen before most obbbbviously) and chances are i'll be able to tell you who they belong to.

last night i went out with some of my friends, i hadn't (oops lol at first i typed handn't i guess i'm still stuck on hands) seen them in a while and it was really nice. i was in an awful mood before we hung out, i'm so so so glad you called me you have no idea. i don't know what i would've done last night otherwise! we had nice conversations and i love laughing

and i bought a shirt i really love while we were there. it's black and it says "FREE YOUR MIND" in big white letters then right under it in a smaller cursive print it says "...and the rest will follow" and i really love it so i'm wearing it now. it's like a ** note to self ** kinda thing!

i painted my nails red and i'm going out to see a movie and get lunch and go shopping with a friend in a little while and i feel good!

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