i keep wondering like, what the hell is this and why is it on my ipod.

last night my uncle ~randomly~ came in from belgium! he can't use "in the neighborhood" as an excuse, and we didn't know he was coming.
it was really random and i can tell my dad isn't all that thrilled to have his bruddah here, my uncle talks a lottttttt!

but LOL my dad's been acting like a really good father figure since he came in! it's really funny i think.
i mean he's not bad or anything but he doesn't do these things unless he's doing it to make himself look good. maybe that's not what it is and i'm misinterpreting it but whatever this is my blog dammit!

okay i feel bad i hope my dad never reads this because i don't want him to feel sad. i love him but it's hard to live with him sometimes.

but ummmM i had a pretty good day today actually

i need more gum already what the eff

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