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218 bones are popping

sadly i think i may have outgrown this. that's not to say i won't ever be back when my head swells with thought (as it has been known to do) and i need a place to release the pressure.
i started this over a year ago and i've changed more than i'll ever be able to explain, but hopefully you know how i feel. i think everyone is entitled to this sort of transformation at some point in their lifetime, i'm lucky to have survived mine and i'm lucky it happened when it did.

i'm older than i was but i'm new. i'm learning to fight. i'm listening to music and hearing it for the first time. i'm in love. i'm less afraid. i'm proud, and i'm hopeful for my future and i'm hopeful for you. one breath at a time and eyes toward the sky, that's the only way i've ever found to stay sane.