the people i dislike the most are the people that are most like me

which i don't understand because for the most part i really actually like myself

anyways i'm very quiet today i just don't feel like talking. i think i'm still upset about something from yesterday, i know what it is but i don't want you to know yet.

my dad is annoying me. i'm sorry but i really don't want to talk at all, my mouth just doesn't feel like moving, and he's hassling me about going and playing raquetball and he's trying to find the solitaire application on his computer and blah blah blasdjkajdksh.

it bothers me because sometimes he comes home and is in an awful mood and he completely ***ignores*** me and my mom when we try to be nice to him, so we leave him alone. but then days like today he is just annoying as fuck LOL i'm sorry dad i'm a horrible daughter i shouldn't have said that but i don't feel like backspacing it okay

i'm not sure what to expect from today

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