i just typed a lllooottt but it was pointless and rambling so i deleted it

i wish i could delete things i said out loud lol that would be nice sometimes. i think that's why i'd rather text or IM than talk on the phone, i can just backspace if i need to. talking on the phone you're like ~trapped~ or something

yeah i just deleted another paragraph go me i really shouldn't censor myself like that/this

i was so hungry today when i was sitting in the office (i have to sit there for 30mins after my last class because i need more credits or something and so i'm an "aide" although i did nothing today) and people kept walking by with food. there was pizza and rubio's and quiznos and chick-fil-a and a kid with a bag of cheetos! it was lunchtime and i was hungry because i hadn't eaten since breakfast. but then i got home and wasn't hungry anymore my body is so confusing sometimes!

but anywho i kind of like my little "aide" job or whatever i get to people-watch. i love people-watching but not in a stalkerish way. i just like to observe really

the mall would be a great place to people-watch except you look like a freak when you're by YOURSELF just people-watching at the mall and i don't think any of my friends are quite as interested in observing as i am

if you are you should tell me?

down with self censorship down down down with it

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