talk about stressful. who woulda thought a family "get-together" could do that to me! man, thanksgiving/christmas are going to fucking kill me!

ummm the whole way home i cried really hard but i didn't make a sound so my parents couldn't hear me because i was in the back seat. i'm good at that, crying hard without making noise. you'd never know unless you looked at me!

i wasn't crying about the concert ok lol if that's what you're thinking it's not that easy to push me over the edge + i'll see them some other time........................ take me to warped tour this summer

GOOD MORNING WORLD do you like my forced optimism i'm really tired/hallucinating and stuff i have plans around 10:30 and i'm not excited i just can't say no and you looked so hopeful when you asked sooooo what was i supposed to do... (??)
maybe it'll turn out alright mmgumphh

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