hmmm i feel bad for a lot of the people in my life i'm really not very interesting or anything

ALSO i've realized that lately i'm not interested in talking to/spending time with people in general, it's pretty bad. umm i'm wonderin how i'm gonna keep up with the school thing, there are too many stressors right now grr stress is bad it releases cortisol or **WHATEVER** it's called idc right now i'm not going to look it up..............

you gotta feel it yeaaaah you gotta feel it this song was playing today at the horse show and then it came on my ipod when i was driving home, then two more times later so it is the song of the day

wow talk about unorganized rambling i guess i haven't really said much lately i need to get some stuff out. things build and build and i can practically feel the steam coming out my ears and swirling around my head, i wonder if anyone sees it

i was at a horse show all weekend, lenardo and i did the jumpers HE WAS SO PERFECT i love my pony. riding is really the only thing anymore that i can't get depressed about, it's nice to have that. i hope i never lose that because then where will i be?

went to a concert on saturday night with a friend in tempe, where all the ~artsy~ asu students go and drink foamy beer from clear cups and pretend to be indifferent until the headlining band shows up. then they go NUTS there was crowdsurfing and a very umm unsatisfyingly small moshpit. yeah yeah i'm rambling now but the concert went on til pretty late and i had to get up at 5:30 this morning joy joy joy

anyways it was a good concert, the bands were energetic and got everyone pretty pumped. there were lots of good-looking people there lol! i'm officially going to asu ok and not just for the good-looking people i'm not thaaaaaat shallow i swear.

i almost typed my biggest "secret" here but i changed my mind! :x

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