hey you made me blush the other day in class. that used to be really easy to do when i was a super awkward middle schooler but now not so much so good job! you really got me

i'm wearing a long sleeved shirt that always makes me like my hands. also i got my class ring in the mail the other day what! i love it, maybe someday i'll take a picture of it and post it. it makes my hands look nice i think.

i just got a text yay me my phone goes crrrrazy when it vibrates, it's really loud and not inconspicuous so i have to make sure it's on silent in class or it may as well be a ringtone set on full volume.

i'm going out in a little while yay i'm going to see a movie with friends yay and we're going to hang out yay i've been saying yay a lot today!

today was a good day, i woke up early (5:27, says my alarm) and rode. lenardo was pretty good and i rode with one of my really good friends. her horse is adorable haha anyways! then we went to lunch and i had a salmon burger which was surprisingly delishhh (i just said delish i know i know iii know) but thank you red robin

um afterwards we went to a clinic to watch some really top notch trainer teach people a *thing or two* about riding he seemed to really know what he was talking about. tomorrow i'll go watch more with a friend or two we'll see

thank you weekend for providing me with plans!

oh and also my old computer is 100% done so i got myself a nice little dell laptop and now i can do this in my room instead of out in the office where my parents like to "check in" every now and then LOL awkward sometimes when i'm on youtube and other things.......... try not to read into that too much

if you read that all i love you forever ok

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