i need to let off a little steam it's alright if nobody reads this and if you do read any of it don't take it to heart, not that i'd expect you to

things i do not understand:

1. talking on the phone for no reason.
i think i'm missing that gene that makes people want to talk on the phone "just to talk" or whatever. like, if you're going to call me, have a reason other than to make aimless conversation because you're bored driving home from work. i'm really not that interested lol sorry!
and also i get really bored with/unmotivated to respond to messages/comments/notes/texts that are realllllllly long so i just don't respond. i'm impatient it's a flaw

2. romance movies.
i saw nights in rodanthe (laugh it up hahahAHAhahaHA) with my mom earlier becaaaaaause we were going to see burn after reading but we accidentally went to the wrong theater and it wasn't playing lol boooooo. so yeah anyways it's a classically sappy love story and pretty much every girl in the theater was sniffling into a tissue by the end but i rolled my eyes throughout the entire movie. umm am i a cynic or just a realist?

3. "i'm fine."
that's alright if you actually ARE. but if you say that and expect people to be like "omg no you're not i can tell let me ** fix everything for you ** because you're my world" then you're stupid. if you want somebody's help then ask for it, people can't read your mind and aren't going to take time out of their lives just to fix yours when you act like you don't need their help.

4. edward cullen/jacob black.
i don't really want to get into this, but you can't be in love with a fictional vampire. "perfect" characters like these are the reasons so many of us have sky high standards that will never be met. with standards like that, you're doomed to die a lonely old woman with 90+ cats, all named after some tv/book character who swept you off your feet. P.S. the twilight books are horribly written.

5. obsessive bulletin-posting behavior.
okay for you few non-myspacers a bulletin is a message that gets sent to all of your friends at once. what makes you think we all want to know that you just dropped your glue stick and had a *great day* at school? also if you post a million bulletins asking for picture comments i automatically think you're annoying.

6. truth box drama.
i feel pathetic-y for talking about myspace twice in a row ugh
anyways, um, if you put up a truth box........... you're kind of asking for some immature kids to post shit in it, end of story

7. this.
self explanatory. hey, i don't have to understand myself. i don't even have to accept myself! fuck you, self

8. "i'm more original/my music is more underground/my literature is more cultured, etc."
shut up pretentious assholes. listening to bands hardly anybody has heard of does not make you special, it just means you heard them before the rest of the world. hey maybe it's because the band sucks????????????

9. the "love at first sight" phenomena.
um NO! sorry but you don't fall in love immediately upon meeting a total stranger. i ~obviously~ hate romeo and juliet. having butterflies in your stomach and blushing whenever someone comes around is not the same thing as being in love

ohhhh fuck it who am i to say what is or isn't love whatever i don't want to go to sleep tonight i'm sick of sleeping, i can't handle it.

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