brrrrrRRRr i'm so cold! as soon as i got home from school i changed into warm pajama pants and put on a warm sweatshirt and i'm still freezing. school was miserable just because i was shivering the whole time

i never ever used to get this cold what's wrong with me!!!!! tell me and i'll love you forever

last night was really good. i made a lot of new friends and i talked about things i'd never really talked about before, it was so nice to get things off my chest. you always hear about how good that feels but i'd never really experienced it that much before, it was better than i expected. the weird thing is these were people i had never met before and all of a sudden i was like "oh hey here's my life story" which is normally something i keep totally *under wraps* and stuff like that

i'm feeling pretty good about this! except for the fact that i'm still cold ugh i might go sit outside for a little while it's warmer out there

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