i actually hate not having school because it gives me the whole day to fixate on stuff uuugh
it's so funny my best friends think i'm an optimist whaaaaat!?

oh yeah hi i can't ever really look at you the same anymore.
i wish i could tell you what's going on ONLY SO you would listen to me instead of thinking you're right....... you don't know what you're talking about. you've never even ~researched~ it and you've only heard about it in little tangents in psychology classes and teenage dramas on tv. i'm living it ok thanks I WIN.

as of a couple hours ago i have about 20 packs of peppermint 5 gum, i'm set for at least a couple months! lovin' life oh yeah

i love my parents so much they're so supportive and it makes me feel bad. hey mom and pops sorry for being this way i didn't mean to i promise!

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