160 "you used to be that skinny, but not anymore"

i must be made of glass, that is the only explanation i can think of, nevermind whether it's reasonable or not. it has to be true. that must be why words shatter me so easily, thrown like stones they break me down and i'm lying in a million tiny broken shards on the floor

i am disgusted with myself again, i don't understand why i can see the good in everyone else but when i see myself i am sick with disappointment and disdain.

is this battle even worth fighting, if anybody else asked me this i would tell them it is. i would tell them that they are stronger than their demons and i would tell them about the light waiting for them on the other side of this tunnel they swear will never end. and i would believe all of it.

but when i ask myself, my answer sticks in my throat and just looks at the pile of broken glass on the floor

am i real anymore?


Anonymous said…
i hope someone didn't actually say your title to you
c said…
yeah it was one of my best friends since freshman year I LOVE PEOPLE
Anonymous said…
you know that you're beautiful, right?
Anonymous said…
that's disgusting, are they stupid? is your battle that private that someone of what, four years wouldn't know that that is the textbook example of what to NEVER SAY, even in a joking manner? wow, i'm sorry

you're an inspiration, it must be weird having people look up to your words when you feel so fragile and unstable.

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