158 if i am lost for a day try to find me

"if you woke up and you were back in august, how would you feel?"

i am inclined to say shattered, crushed, defeated, hopeless, wasted, shocked
you know that feeling when you wake up from an impossibly glorious dream and you realize it was not real? multiply that times your age and add one billion

the other night i had a dream something tragic happened to you and i hugged you and you cried and later we fell asleep together, my head was on your chest, rising and falling with each breath and in the dream all i could see was gold. i swore, i still swear i felt it in that dream like i would have felt it if you were here

i hate waking up some mornings, so much

honestly all i want is to be somebody's comfort and i want to make them feel happy and simple and real


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