153 no one's home

going to walmart depresses the hell out of me. every time i go i end up feeling like giants have settled themselves down on my eyelids and are trying to whisper me to sleep. not a nice sleep, the sleep i've been having lately has been restless and littered with dreams that wake me up, either freezing and shaking or sweating and burning from the inside out.

i look around and i just see this dead-end life and miserable people and i know i'm doomed to that same life, going shopping on the weekends for things i need around the house and coming home to laundry and dirty windows to wash and always having something to do

i think everybody is wearing an invisible pair of sunglasses and we have to live with whichever pair we get. some lenses show the world in a bright golden light with smiles and hope around every corner. and the other ones... they just aren't the same

which ones do you have on?

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