141 you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place

i love guys. i don't even mean in a sexual way right now. i just love them they are so much easier to understand and talk to and generally be around. they make more sense to me in every way

i went to watch a basketball game at a high school earlier and i was in awe the whole time. just the pure physicality of it i guess, the running pounding footsteps and shoes squeaking and the ball bouncing off the floor, so much communication with so few words. if you couldn't tell already i'm a sucker for that, physical communication, i mean. everything you need to say, in glances or movements or touches. words just cannot compare

whenever i go to a high school i'm filled with the kind of nostalgia that doesn't go away, it clings to my insides and my mind and it just stays..... the only regrets i really have are taking things for granted
well that's a lie i regret more than that

made me smile i hope you like it too

i think normalcy is highly underrated and i am starting to accept that discontent and restlessness are symptoms of being human

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