132 this could be the very minute i'm aware i'm alive

my day was fucking awesome. i'm not texting you back because whenever i talk to you i feel guilty and sad for pretending i care. tonight i'm not going to do anything to ruin it.

mmmy therapist from mirasol (who is by far the coolest person i have ever met) came up from tucson to spend the day with me and ultratherapize me and take me shopping to get over my fear and loathing of full length mirrors and dressing rooms and clothes that are far out of my comfort zone. wow run on sentence aaaaaanyway. i ate chinese food and gelato and cake and pasta and a pizookie. I'M OKAY WITH IT I'M OKAY WITH IT I'M GOING TO SAY I'M OKAY WITH IT UNTIL I REALLY AM.

i'm okay with it
i'm okay with me.

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