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you wake up one morning and you're different. you look in the mirror and you feel like you should reach out to shake hands with this new stranger you've just met, this stranger you know everything and nothing about. instead of finding dark undereye circles and uneven skin and ugliness, you find beauty, a shining purity that you could swear never existed before.

you reread the list you wrote a long time ago, that list of things you want to do before you die, and instead of feeling overwhelmed with this impossible challenge, you feel inspired. you are, like all those teachers and parents have told you since the beginning of time, capable of anything you set your mind to. you appreciate the good things in your life and accept the bad.

you laugh without worrying about how you sound. you finally accept that not everybody in the world will like you, but one person who does love you is so much more important than a million who don't.

but all of your feelings are butterflies, irresistably beautiful but so hard to catch and even harder to hold onto, and you just hope they'll still be here when you wake up tomorrow.

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