12* didn't i tell you that someday you'll be okay

(i can't look at the number one-hundred and twenty-eight in numeric form, it makes me feel sick to my stomach, always has)

doubled up on sleep meds tonight, here's to hoping that has some effect besides the usual incessant yawning and extreme restlessness.
idk what it is but for some reason no matter HOW tired i am, as soon as i lay in my bed i get so fidgety and can't sleep. it's only in my bed though, i never slept so well in my life as i did at mirasol

uummmm i'm pretty sure miranda kerr has a perfect body

crying crying crying cryingsafdasdkslja

okay the yawning is starting now but that's all... i'm counting on the soulful melodies of my favorite perishers songs to help me out here. it's weird though, a part of me misses when i used to stay up all night being destructive then going to bed at 7am and sleeping through the day

nothing clever or funny to say tonight my brain's just all fuzzy sorry to disappoint. love you

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