130 i've grown accustomed to the grays and blacks because they're always coming back

i wish a camera could capture sound.

yesterday i cried a lot in the morning because i made some mistakes again. i almost didn't go to one of my best friend's 18th birthday dinner because it was at a pizza place and i was so scared. i ended up going and it was worth it. we saw adventureland and i talked for hours with two best friends in the parking lot about what i'm afraid of and what i love, about everything. driving home around midnight listening to songs drenched in nostalgia, the rain speckling my windshield and reflecting the red brake lights and white headlights, i realized i was okay.

i wish a camera could capture the way i feel.

someday i hope to affect somebody the way other people affect me. i want somebody to remember me as more than just a face or a few words. i want there to be a feeling attached to my memory, one as unshakeable as the one you left me with.

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