137 between road signs and street lights

when i shut my eyes to the world outside
it's just another thought of you and i

why can a song make my heart ache so intensely but sometimes i have to wonder, would i cry if my brother died

i can't even sleep anymore because when i lay down it just feels so familiar. how can i fall asleep there one more lousy time

heavy limbs, heavy head, heavy thoughts
i'm still mourning the loss of my visible ribs and those sharp-as-knives hipbones, something about the frailty of bones just gets to me, the light casting shadows like there is charcoal smeared on my body

someone just tell me to stop trying so hard

HINT the excessive lack of punctuation is here to reflect my apathetic mood
somehow a post littered with !!!!!!!s and ?????s would just not feel right to me at the moment

i'll be better in the morning. it's hard to explain but through all of this i still know i'm happy

despite sometimes feeling disconnected and cold,
motivation (see above ♥x12092039) and inspiration are now as much a part of me as the blood in my veins and i don't think i'm a danger to myself anymore.

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