120 cut off my tongue for just a taste

i'm feeling overcome with the insatiable desire for manflesh right now. this is going to be one of the most embarrassing posts of my life but by god it needs to be done
i love "pretty boys." i love guys who play sports and work out and eat ridiculously huge amounts of food and don't care. i love tall boys, but not the stringbean type. i love muscles and guys who smell good. i love when guys mess with their friends. i love when they laugh and have dimples. i REALLY love when they're facing the sun and they look at you and give you that really squinty smile. i love when they act tough even when they're scared.

iiiiiii have a little (huge) crush on sean faris

oh yeah i forgot to mention i also think it's really attractive when guys have battle scars heh

i know it's just stage makeup but don't ruin the dream for me
this is SO embarrassing but i just finished reading this book and the entire time i was picturing him as the main character and if he had fallen in love with a female character (who didn't turn out to be a crazy bitch) i would have pictured her as me
phew glad i got that off my chest bye i should go do something to take my mind off of the fact that i feel really stupid now

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