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interpret at will

hey guess how i'm feeling today i better knock this off or i'm going to become boring and (gag) predictable!

aaaaaanyway today has been pretty good. i rode this morning and it went really well, tomorrow i'm hauling up to a show to jump a little and one of my friends is bringing her little sister to watch. i'm going to start giving her sister lessons twice a week for $25/lesson so at least i'll be making a litttttle money because i'm a bum.

WOW could this be any more typical "blog" post or what. so much for trying not to be boring

that reminds me, i need to stop trying so hard. not in things like school or whatever blablablha but things like trying to get people to like me. i've noticed that the people who like me the most are the people who i never tried to impress. i end up making an idiot out of myself whenever i try to impress someone and i make it impossible for me to get close to them.

i have decided to never stop believing that i can relate to complete strangers. it makes me feel closer to everything, i feel so much less lonely.

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