i cut my bangs earlier, they were bugging the shit out of me. i paid $60 to get it cut at a place j was OBSESSED with, and it turned out looking like i went to supercuts. thanks a lot. the girl who cut my hair was really nice though and we talked and she was a dancer. she was skinny and had nice curly red hair, but not ginger-kid red hair, just nice red. i said nice three times in this paragraph (four)
NOTHING I SAY IS INTERESTING WHY DO YOU READ THIS why do i write this blllllllah

hey maybe you don't read it maybe you only come to look at pictures i'm okay with that

i have to get up at 7:00am :(((
i just downloaded a ton of songs and only like 4 of them are good
wah wah wah i could go on because i'm a whiny freak goodnight

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