i don't know who i am today.

hmmmmm an extremely talented therapist/psychologist told me i am ridiculously hard to figure out and i was overcome with pride

did i already talk about my fly killings waaaaaaait yes i did

umm okay i'm going to drive my mom up to walmart because she needs cole slaw for the dinner **i will be making** tonight but i'm not done typing........

phew okay i'm back and i have more proof that i'm a bad person
there's this one kid who's had a crush on me since 9th grade and i have 0 interest in him whatsoever but last night when i was talking to him i led him on with cutesy things like "night night" and pretended like i wasn't totally turned off by him. the awful thing is that if i were physically attracted to him i would be stoked that he liked me, but as is it's just a game for me.

also i'm listening to lily allen
"i'm not a saint but i'm not a sinner
but everything's cool as long as i'm getting thinner"

smite me please god

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