sssSSSsssuuUUUuupPP i bring "pathetic" to a whole new level but i don't really feel like explaining why so forget i said that

another old picture..... my camera lens (sans camera) providing endless entertainment for my best friend of 6 1/2 years yaaaaay hey look it's the crusty's shirt

i've been staying up unreasonably late with a really dumb incentive, i'm too embarrassed to even say why. oh this morning i thought i was going blind because everything went black for about 10 seconds and it was a lllooonggg 10 seconds

i'm finding anything & everything i can to keep me awake, tv marathons of ANTM and endless games of spider solitaire will have to suffice since i've sworn off caffeine.

what a sad existence i need a purpose! someday i'll have one, i haven't given up hope quite yet. despite all of my recent realizations and the fact that i'm going to be in inpatient DURING CHRISTMAS....... i feel a little better than i did before

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