hey there's this one person who i admire a lot....... she's so selfless and genuine and vulnerable and i just want to scoop her up and save her from everybody who would ever take advantage of her. she's so open and it's so dangerous for her but she's... either fearless or hopelessly naive. either way, she's an incredible person and i've only known her a little over a month but god do i admire her.

my hair looks better when it's wet than when it's dry what a dilemma
oooooooohhhhh i am so vain i cannot stand anything about myself anymore

if i could have only one thing in the world it would be the ability to organize my thoughts and feelings (mostly feelings) like easter eggs, and put them in a basket and just be able to grab them as i pleased and sort through them and describe them and feel them without them overpowering me. i mean, who ever heard of easter eggs taking over someone's life? exactly.

i'm out of words so here's a picture

post-sprinklers in my mom's garden
i love lvoelove lvoelvoelv oelfeofakf love mornings okayfsdvgsdnbbbbb

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