last night as i was getting ready to go to bed i accidentally switched the light off while reaching for my chapstick, and i stood there in the dark for a minute and it reminded me of when i was younger, i used to turn the light off just to test my nerve and see how long i could stand it (( i was deathly afraid of the dark until i was like 10 don't laugh ))
and i would imagine that things were creeping and crawling around me and i couldn't see them, but i swore they were there ready to take me away under my bed and they'd either eat me or i'd turn into one of them and terrorize other little kids hmmmm
but no matter how scared i felt i always made myself stand there and take it, i guess when i think about it i've always liked testing my limits and hurting myself. also i used to run hot water over my hands to see how much i could take, i used to blister myself all the time......

yeah that's embarrassing so embarrassing i almost didn't post it but heyyyyyY it's not like i haven't already posted 29381038 things that i'd rather not have you know

i'm a very black and white/all or nothing kind of person.
objectivity > subjectivity

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