you wouldn't believe how exhausting it is, spending all of your time trying to talk yourself down from that ledge. the only reason i even bother is because i have a guilt complex and don't want to make other people feel bad.

i'm so sad. plain and simple.

words float above my head like feathers or land on my chest like concrete. most of them float, so far away, they never hit home. you say you love me and it means nothing, the weight of it was lost a million "i love you"s ago.

the concrete words are few and far between, their reality stings. when you explained to me the seriousness of what i'm doing to myself, i felt it. i felt it and it scared me, it scared me to death..... but not enough to make me want to change.

shadows from december 07:

hi there, i'm chelsea and i'm stuck in my eating disorder.

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