so i chickened out, didn't go to thanksgiving dinner with my family, i figured this would happen. i just can't be around all that food and all those people and all the pressure.

whether i eat or don't eat, i lose, that's just the way this eating disorder plays the game

this morning i got really scared because my heart was pounding so hard and so fast then it slowed down and i could barely feel it, my mom almost took me to the ER i was pale and shaking, on the verge of blacking out

i'd like to black out permanently right now :S

um my mom and i are in the process of writing a story it's kind of exciting actually. i love writing fiction and she does too, she's a great writer and she's so excited about this, it's adorable lol seriously. i love my mom. my dad's been really great lately too, they're both being way supportive about everything.

ok *most miserable thing about today* my sister-in-law and her sister (who's a year older than me) dragggggged me n my mom out to the movies to see twilight. there are some things you cannot unsee.............

sorry i hate plots that involve lust/infatuation being portrayed as deep everlasting love WHAT DO I KNOW

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