170 and from this gutter we're still staring at the stars

i watched this movie yesterday, it got 0 stars but i quite liked it. well enough that i could sit through most of it without heaving a great restless sigh which is saying something.

today i was cold a lot and i put on my favorite hoodie and then i ______. again, again. always but i'm trying not to let it drag me down again. i'm still smiling. i had a great day at work, my best friend of 7 years came in all sunburned (but not farmers-tanned as she pointed out) and i hugged her bright red little self to death I LOVE YOU MORGAN. also some of the people i work with are just wonderful and i'm looking forward to getting to know them more.

over the summer i'm taking english 101 at the local community college (hi i know how to write please do not make me conform to your silly rigid little rules) and **mass murderers and serial killers** which is quite a fascinating class. for some reason the more grotesque and completely fucked up the serial killer is, the more interested i am in them. knowing they had something as frail and just plain incredible as a human life completely under their control really does something to me. i'm kind of bored of jeffrey dahmer and btk and ted bundy and the like though because you kind of hear about them a lot and blahblah. i'm into the likes of andrei chickatilo and joseph vacher. i'm doin my report on him yyyay!

how embarrassing the last text i sent ended with "HE IS BEAUTIFUL OMG." talking about a professor at the college. hey sup i'm still a teenage girl okay.

oh ps i kind of am starting to think i'm an okay person... a little bit


leslie said…
why are u taking english 101 i just tested out of it i think we both know the proper construction of sentenced EVEN THOUGH IT DOESNT SEEM LIKE IT LOL.

cannibals are my fav
morgan said…
i love you too. :)

you're not an okay person, you're a wonderful person and i still look up to you just as much as i did when i was ten and thought you were god because you could canter and jump bareback.
Anonymous said…
You're more than okay.
Anonymous said…
what is the _____

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