165 how weightless they must be, without feeling

close your eyes
everything a different shade of gold, shimmery flakes of dust floating through the air to land softly on the smooth skin of a little freckle-faced girl, golden locks falling in ripples and waves around her shoulders and down her back
you inhale and the smell is cinammon and clean, something clean, anything clean and you don't feel dirty anymore. nothing is dark and nothing is gray and everything holds your hands and leads you around this corner, that corner to discover what lies ahead. and you find it and laugh and your heart sighs one of those nice sighs and you wish on fallen eyelashes and even if the wishes don't come true you just close your eyes and say thank you to whoever will listen

now open them
the world is raining and you're lost on an empty street. the buildings are gray with nobody inside them to light a fire or flick a light switch to chase away the demons and the doors are locked. so there you are standing outside while it pours and you used to like the rain but now it just hurts. you're drowning in something but it's not the water, you look down at your bare feet and they're so pale and sad looking without the bright polish you once wore. your stomach growls and you go to take a step forward but you're just too tired. you look up at the clouds and it's a sea of silhouettes and weightless ghosts and you wish you were like them but you never will be so you start to cry and the salt water of your tears falls heavier than the rain ever could


Anonymous said…
Hi there. You don't know me, but I've been captivated by your writing. To say the least, it's quite impressive, especially the entry I'm commenting on. You're a poet if there ever was one and you've made my day.

As for who I am... just a stranger that was first interested in your taste in music on lastfm, but when I read your about me, I was enticed and intrigued, so took a look at your blog.

You have such talent and intellect.. don't be so hard on yourself.

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