184 like teen spirit

i never would have thought i'd be running through the sprinklers on the field of my old elementary school in the middle of the night, shaking the water out of my hair and wishing you'd just come give me a hug, what the fuck is wrong with me

but i will honestly consider this one of the best nights of my life, so this is why people smile. i feel quite literally like i am about to burst from just the sheer joy of everything and everyone that is around me.

i definitely lied before. i still like you. but if i let myself stop and think about all the reasons i shouldn't... well, every time i stop and think i ruin things, teach me to jump with my eyes closed
PS dear readers i'm sorry if i'm the most boring motherfucker you've ever encountered


Anonymous said…
i don't even know you, i found this by accident, but i've read every post and you are NEVER boring...i read you harder (?!) than i read a good book, i read your words like i'm going to find the purpose of life in them or something. i'm just so happy to see you've found some happiness, you give me so much hope. like i said i don't know you, so i'm not just saying that

please don't think happy=boring, i know that exact line of thinking and i find it very dangerous
i'm just like you, i don't want anyone to suffer and it kills me if they do and i want to control it all so bad, but when i see someone like you that is happy, it makes me happy, and the last thought in my mind is "wow you are one boring bitch"

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