183 i accidentally took my sleep meds at 7am today

and no amount of coffee in the world could help me in my english class. not a good mix up

a very adorable shy boy works at the subway by my house. i always go on wednesdays because i've noticed he always works on wednesdays. today i started a conversation with him and he got so nervous he started fidgeting and couldn't even look at me, i just wanted to reach across the counter and give him a hug. the boy's got brown eyes and freckles and if you know me you know this is automatic chelsea heart-melting material.

umm i'm sorry if you thought the whole subway thing was going to be really interesting and/or meaningful and/or not like something a middle school girl would write in her blog..........

this is rocky ♥

i know it probably seems really silly and childish but i got rocky at an antique mall i used to always go to when i was little. i would wander wide-eyed up and down rows of glass cases looking at the old dusty jewelry and coins like little oceans with their reflections. i'd touch old musty browned books and know i wasn't the first one to run my fingers along the pages and it filled up the big empty space inside me.

when i walked by abandoned toys the big empty space would be back because how could there be so many toys without somebody to love them? to me they all had little hearts and big sadness and they cried at night when the lights shut off and everyone went home. the thought of it broke me like glass and i just wanted to go to sleep in a big pile of unloved toys. i'm sure this all seems silly but it was so real to me. i can still feel the ache sometimes when i think of people who are suffering.

i just want to help everyone and i hate that i can't


Anonymous said…
i love you

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