181 is there something in the way i move across the floor

i know it's obvious to say you don't need me anymore

i'm just going to be blunt and say i really liked it when we went back to the old middle school field and you hugged me from behind and rested your head on my shoulder. it was hot out and your arms were wrapped tight around my waist and i wanted you to kiss me that night, i still sort of do but i'm not sure anymore. hey what a concept, me being unsure about something. HEY LIFE

whatever i might let myself forget about you because that's what i do and i'll just keep going to subway...... kudos to you if you know what this means if not maybe it'll be explained on here someday

oh yeah i made one of these because why the hell not

i hope you're all doing alright i really do, this goes to everyone. i want the world to feel happy!


Anonymous said…
i don't know what the subway thing means and it's driving me crazy

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