177 i can't hear much but the melody coming from you

i can shake my shoulders and watch the dirt fall to the ground, i can breathe in and feel my lungs fill up with happy.

i wrote "someone thinks you're beautiful" in tiny letters on the back of a $5 bill. i felt silly but i didn't mind because i really hope somebody reads it, i know those kinds of things always leave my heart smiling a little bit. i'm accepting that i can't change the entire world but i'm not willing to leave this world without making some sort of difference, anything

to anybody whose life is fogged with doubt or weighed down by the words of people who try to discourage your efforts, you'll be alright if you let yourself. those times you feel hope, they're the ones you have to cling to. with every bit of everything you've ever had. and they're going to go away sometimes, and you're going to wonder what's the point
but let the storm pass and god, doesn't the sky always look so much cleaner once the rain has washed away the pollution and the clouds are alight with fire from the sun? imagine life if it never rained

please don't give up on yourself, it's a crime to deprive yourself of these things. my heart aches when i think of the suffering people are going through. i have all the hope in the world for you


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