232 i've been saying i dig things a lot lately

so i keep getting invited to go out ~clubbing~ with this guy which if you know me is a BIG LAFF. it's not really my scene i guess, i don't like music so loud i can't hear anybody to know whether they're calling me fat or saying they like my ass. it sounds pretty much the same in those places.

anyways this guy we'll call him angelo even though that's not even close to his name, i don't really know him but he sent me a picture of him with his shirt off wearing just a corona towel around his waist. he's 25 which is 7 years older than me and he has a kid and he's kind of a party boy (plus he's mega short which can be a dealbreaker for me considering my giraffe-like height), so naturally i am *not interested.* but instead of telling him all that i just explained that i'm in relationship limbo, so to speak, and that i'm not really up for anything of that nature, at which point he proceeded to tell me that there's no commitment with him ever so i shouldn't worry. i kind of laughed because i already knew there was no commitment, you can tell right away. idk if he just wants to sleep with me (yes yes yes) or if he's actually into me (no no no) but i think it's the former.

so i don't really have anything to say except i'm getting ready for work and my boss is a mega bitch. don't care if she reads this because i'm going to quit once i find another job, not that she would read it anyways. i've been getting 4 hours a week 4 HOURS at barely above min wage and she's redheaded which is okay and crazy inconsistently passive aggressive which is not okay.


i dig this


Anonymous said…
are you getting full-blown mania or hypomania?
c said…
oh god could you tell by this post that i was manic was it that obvious?!

i think i tend more toward hypomania because when i'm manic it's just like woo yeah today's cool i can be clever and witty but when i'm depressed it's like no fuck you i hate breathing.
i am writng a really long comment sorry umm

typing in your blog url and seeing TWO PAGES of NEW entries was the best thng about my day so far

we are so similar it still freaks me out sometimes do you remmebr when i wrote on my blog "look at this copy cat" and posted your blog url !!!!!

i wanna talk to you give me your msn or osmething

it never goes away CcCCccCCC but nothing ever does

our memories are ghosts are shadows and they are always trying to catch up to us

Anonymous said…
mania is not like wooo yeah! it's like what the fuck everything is moving too fast and then you see/hear things and have grandiose delusions. so i think you are talking about hypomania. plus you have type 2, so you can't get full-blown mania.

i didn't think you sounded hypomanic in that entry, i was replying to an early one where you were talking about flip-flopping :)
c said…
s never apologize ever again for leaving me a long comment!!!!! i am so glad you actually typed in my url after this long i was wondering what you had been up to crazy saff
i don't have/use msn i'm lame i'm lame i'm lame as shit. my email is chelsea_lothrop@yahoo.com original i know drop me a line!!!! <3 you <333

anon yeah that's what i've heard! hypomania definitely sounds more like what i deal with. my depressive episodes are much more pronounced than my manic ones which just make me feel kinda happy and buzzed.

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