238 everybody's trying to be the best, what about the girl with the loneliness

From the inside out
You've changed, girl
You know you have
Don't make a good thing bad
Just let me hold you in my hands

i like adjectives a lot, and soft nouns and i like sad words and words that glow. i want to be a writer, i love to tangle words together and i want to create meaning.

this is an exercise i read about in someone else's blog. you write ten words starting with a, then b, then c, etc. all the way through the alphabet. IT'S TOUGH. and i'm embarrassed to share it especially because at the end when you're writing it you're like well wtf the letter x sucks balls. and so does z. but hey i've got nothing to lose right?@?!?!?? right.

awakened and alive, another amazing accomplishment.
angles are abundant among beautiful bare bones,
bound breathlessly,
broken, brittle beneath boldly blushing crimson,
crushing cadences. cradled cries concealed,
"careful. comparisons can't cure despair."
divine devils dance, delving deeper.
death doesn't dare dream.
emerald eyes evoke emotion,
eventually even expose enigmas.
erase everything.
forever's finite forgiveness flickers,
feathers fall from frailty,
find fever.
faking genuine gratitude, giving girls greatness,
grassy games gave good graves.
heaven has horses, hell harbors heroes
her hands hold his head in ice,
illustrate impossible indifference.
"i ignite, inspire. if it jades, just jump."
judges, juries jeering,
juliet's jewels kill kneeling kings,
kindly knit kisses kick keepsakes,
kerosene lights lovers' laughter,
listening like leaves.
lifetime lullabies look lost.
melancholy midnights mean moonlit mourning,
most mothers miss mumbled "mommy"s.
now nightmares need nothing,
neither neverending negativity nor
naivety near opal oceans of omniscient openmindedness.
once obsoletion overcomes optimism,
owls push pessimism,
pretty parades perish.
people pay painful prices,
praying quilted quotations quickly quell queen's quarrels.
quivers quit questioning quaint roads,
rejection, reddened rages replace romance,
revenge results.
races run solely so sorrow stays sleeping,
sprinting soon stops sufficing.
suffering takes time to tear through thick thoughts,
tender tales tossed tensely, unchained, under used up ultimatums.
undone umbrellas unabashedly use uncloaked victims.
virtues vanish, vacancy validates vicious vices.
viper venom visits where whispers wage wars,
we wish we wanted warmth.
xylophones, x-rays, xo's, x's, x-mas, x-ing, xylograph, xeric xanadus, xenolith
your yellow youth yells yesterday's yearning,
you yelp yielding years.
zipping zapping zooming zany zealous zoo zebras zamboni zambezi zebrawood

hi can you tell the x's and z's are just thrown together :) that's okay. i like this (?????!) i actually do! it's nice to be able to say that sigh. i hope all is well with you, readers if i have any. i love you all mwahhh


Anonymous said…
hello you are such an amazing astounding breathtaking writer and just a beautiful person overall and i think you deserve everything in the world but i feel like a major creep rn so i'm gonna shut up :| oh but before i shut up im gonna ramble on a little more and tell you that your strength and resilience is such an inspiration to me and i wish i could be half the person you are. really. OK IM DONE NOW :)))
Anonymous said…
that poem was awesome!
c said…
anonymous you better stop feeling like a creep this instant because i am in love with you right now okay. THANK YOU but i promise you already are MORE than half the person i am, you made me smile thank you :) :)

and thank you anon #2!!! i was worried about posting it but i am glad you liked it :)
Cherie said…
this is awesome! :)))

i think i'll try and do this too (although i will most probably fail halfway boo :( )

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