225 senselessness for the sake of sleep

it's never winter here! i'm tired. i'm hhhungry but i'm shirtless so i'm not going to go into the kitchen to get food. i'm that lazy. i need to wash my makeup off but sleep sounds good. sleep drugs. why, when i am emotionally unavailable, does everyone with a penis suddenly decide i'm appealing? i only love one boy, he's still my brightest light and you will never ever be him. sorryh, and i don't like your shoes or the way you touch my leg when we're in your car! i do like looking up baby animals on google. did you know you can type "foofle.com" in the address bar and it will take you to google? or gewgle or googel and some other variations i'm sure.

i know what the fuck is something so cute doing here in this blog i just needed some lightening up!!!!! cutes


Anonymous said…
you're just irresistible!
that thing is irresistible.
it seems appropriate for the entry.
c said…
i hardly think i'm irresistible i'm fucking cRazy! emphasis on the r. i'm a basketcase anonymous i really am. but thank you i love you!!
Anonymous said…
yeah i kinda knew that...i think that's why i like you. you're very human. you're honest about your imperfections

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